Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's just an expression!

I dedicate this entry to Red Curry.

Anal Glands.

Probably the grossest combination of two words anyone ever came up with. What's worse is that they actually are not glands. They are actually called anal SACS. Can you imagine maintaining professional composure when saying that in front of a client? I think the veterinarian who came up with the anatomical term "anal sacs" is probably giggling in his grave somewhere thinking how funny he is.

Anyways...anal glands are gross. But, gross as they are, they have to be expressed. When clients bring in their animals to have this done, they think "No big deal, just squeeze 'em out please!". So we put on our glove, lube up our finger, and dive on in.

However, imagine if WE as humans had to have this done. Thank the Good Lord for creating our rectums anal gland-free. How humiliating would it be to go every month to your family physician to have this little problem taken care of. "Just here to get my glands expressed Doctor. Nothing else. Feeling fine." Shudder.

So next time you take your pet to the vet to "JUST to get his glands expressed" think again, and have some treats ready for the car ride home for your poor pooch.


  1. Ummm...so I don't do this (to my dog). (Or to myself.) Should I be? Can I make someone else do it?

  2. Although, as mentioned in a previous post, it is an effective way to get back at certain animals. "Take that, Cooper! Remember this? (Shows scar on arm) This, what I'm about to do? Payback."