Sunday, April 17, 2011

A first for everything!

This is my first post to my first blog, so here I go! I work at an animal hospital, and I encounter too many hilarious things to NOT share! I will be making up names as I go to protect the names of clients and my coworkers. Before I start any stories, introductions for the amazing (and I mean that they really are) staff that I work with.

The Vets:
Dr. Dad: Yes, I work for my dad. I am imaginig you are all making "the face". It's halfway between a grimace and pity. Save it. I LOVE working with my dad. Working for you dad/boss has it's downsides yes, but it also has many perks. Example: Having a dad as a vet means he will practice medicine on you, take radiographs of you, or lance of warts you contracted from the nasty YMCA pool in town.

Dr. Boss: He's our other boss. He's a no mess, no fuss, impatient, but efficient, Let's-hurry-this-up-I-need-to-work-on-my-garden kind of guy. He is also very tall, very dry humored, and can be surprisingly funny at the most random times. He's a total foodie, yet he's skinny as a rail. Another thing...he loves kids. Kids love him too which ends up cute.

Dr. Brain: Dr. Xerox: Female doctor who I get the pleasure of assisting surgery in. I am more than confident that she has a photographic memory. Be it her children's social security numbers, phone numbers, the entire list of presidents, your pet's entire healthy history including the amount of times she's expressed it's anal glands...she remembers it all. Low maintenance, quick witted, and very fun to work with.

Dr. Blondie: No blonde jokes please. She went through 8 years of school and is a veterinarian (the stories are true that its harder to get into vet school than med school) so she's no dim wit! Dr. Blondie is as sweet as her giggle. She literally giggles her way through life. It totally works for her, and it's a big reason why we love her.

Dr. Chatty Dr. Fish...Dr. Donut...Dr. Shape-ups...nope...Dr. Pokey:  Dr. Pokey is a male veterinarian who's claim to fame is that amount of time he talks to his clients. This can be something we find funny some days, and entirely frusterating another, but we love him all the same. He also is in charge of the salt water fish tank (failing miserabley, the puffer fish died...again). He throws temper tantrums better than his 2 year old if we have bagels instead of Dirty Dan's Donuts on Saturday mornings, and he is the only male I have ever seen wear Shape-Ups. Annnnd he takes FOREVVVERRRR in each room. Anyone who has ever shown cattle can understand what I mean when I say a cattle prod may not even get this man moving.

Dr. Cheeto: I only give him this name because of my favorite quote from him, but more on that later. Dr. Cheeto is our "part time patty" because one animal hospital isn't enough, he works at two. If he's not running around in the pharmacy, he's running triathalons and marathons and making the rest of us feel like chubs as we dig into yet another delicious snack made by Dr. Brain or chocolate that Dr. Boss dumps into our candy drawer.

Vet Techs:

Momma: I realize this name makes her sound like a large woman with an apron and wooden spoon in hand ready to whip you up a batch of shrimp gumbo. She's not. She's a very attractive young lady and proud Purdue grad!  I call her Momma because whenever I need something I go to her. I think back of how I used to have to wake up my mom at night to go to the bathroom (or else the toilet monster would get me, duh) and say "Mommy." (tap tap) "Mommy?" (tap tap tap) "MOMMY!". So...I imagine that's how Momma sees me most of the time. She's our OTJ trained Jane, but she knows more than I can only hope to learn.She will willingly admit that she is OCD, but she keeps the place ship shape!

Red Curry: Naming her after her favorite lunchtime treat, this RVT is a bookworm smarty pants. Red Curry's biggest frusteration of the medical world is that they don't make scrub pants long enough for her tall-ness. One time I actually stood on a stool to see what it was like to be her height. Pure bliss. I could finally reach and see the labels on the drugs on the top shelf. Red Curry is my Thursday lunch buddy and also gives really good hugs when you need them.

Me, or as I will fondly call myself, Hobbit: I am not a hobbit. I do not have hairy feet. I am merely short. This causes a lot of problems for me. Example: Unlike Red Curry, I can not reach the drugs on the top shelf. In order to do so I must use the lint roller to retrieve items. I simply throw the thing up there and pray the right bottle is sticking to the tape when it comes down. I am the newest member to the staff (not really, I worked in the kennels since I was 14 scooping poop) and trying out my bambi legs in the world as a veterinary technician!

I hope you enjoy my blog! :) Till next time...wipe your paws!


  1. I'm going to try to comment on all of your blog posts because 1) comments are awesome and 2) you deserve some.

    I love all the names and character decriptions you used to introduce your world to the blogosphere! I'm so excited that you're blogging now!

  2. This momma you talk about it makes me think of this song she should sing!

  3. Sunny hellos from the Philippines.

    I just came across your blog and I super-like it. In fact I have bookmarked the site :)

    I am a veterinarian in the Philippines and I can really relate with what you are talking about.

    Do continue to write more posts.

  4. Hello! Thank you so much for your comment! I've obviously taken a very long break from posting on here, as I started another blog about the life of being a farmer's wife. However, I promise I will try to post more of my adventures in the veterinary world! Thanks for the encouragement!