Monday, April 18, 2011

It's a Girl!

My husband and I are getting a puppy. It's a girl German Shorthaired Pointer and we won't be getting her until late May.  Finding a name for our future children is a peice of cake for us to agree on. However, finding a name for our future puppy is close to impossible.

Names I like:
Furgie, Birdie, Finley, Dewie, and for some reason I'm trying to make the name of an Alaskan city very Sarah Palin of me, I know!

Names he likes:
Gretchen, Sassy, and Zeus (all names of his past dogs...the last one isn't even a female name!)

So, since we can't agree, I am taking suggestions.

Which makes me think...I have so many great names for animals that I don't own. For example:
-Hagrid: For a very large, long haired black dog
-Marvin: a very sensible cat
-Raven - a slightly overweight black miniature poodle resembeling Raven Simone (Cosby Show and Disney's That's So Raven)
-Frito: a little playful orange kitty
-Bugsby: a little bugged eyed Boston Terrier or Pug
-Mooch: a big ol Great Dane that gives you sad eyes while you're eating
-Blair Waldorf: a very evil cat...with claws!
-Dingle: a male intact of any species
-And in honor (or should I say honour?) of the Royal Wedding, William & Kate: a pair of King Charles Cavaliers

I should get paid for this!

Anyways...we are offically taking suggestions for our new little baby!


  1. I LOVE that Kate and William are King Charles Cavaliers. You should get paid for that.

    Also, if Seth wants to honor Zeus (the dog), you could go with another Greek diety name like Hera (who was Zeus's wife), Athena (the warrior-athlete goddess and daughter of Zeus), or Chloe (agricultural goddess).

  2. But Athena is Red Curry! Sorry I just blew your cover!

  3. I like Finley!

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