Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sequins, Sparkles, and Shots...oh my!

A big part of my job is that of any  nurse...escort the client and their pet into the exam room and take a medical history. It was an ordinary day, and we had seen many clients already. We have some colorful folks that come to the animal hospital, but these clients made my day!  The men that greeted me were fabulous and flirty! Let's call them Stefan and Scott (after my favorite couple from "Best in Show"...if you haven't seen it and you love dogs, see it!).

Stefan was donned in some black jeans, sneakers, and a very fun vest (that he unfortunately covered up with his coat when he proclaimed "It's NIPPY in here!" lisp included).  Scott was quieter but had some interesting socks that were to my liking for sure! In they pranced, followed by two gorgeous black cocker spaniels wearing noneother but sequined bandanas. Sassy with a capital S! Their names...wait for it...."The Prince" and "Lady".

As I asked them the  normal questions "how have they been? any coughing? scratching? Are their ears rotting out yet like all other cocker spaniels? etc", they would give extensive answers. Stefan explained with very gestured hands, "These are my babies. Whatever is best I want NOW for my babies. Do you understand? They are my precious wittle babies and we wuv them!"

 When I broke the news that their "babies" were due for their shots, Stefan clapped his hands to his diamond studded ears and exclaimed "Mommy no likey!". He then explained that he is "mommy" and Scott is "daddy". Well, let me tell you, daddy didn't really seem to care that much. Our poster on the exam room wall titled "What your Cat Looks Like Inside" was making him whiter than his perfect frosty highlights in his mop do.

 Dr. Xerox took care of them and of course, she did it professionally and quickly. Lady and Prince both did fine for their shots as their "mommy" assured them everything was ok while rubbing their ears so hard I thought they were going to fall off. As they sashayed out the door I think we were all a little sad....until next year boys....

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  1. YES!!!

    They buried Barbara in the old church yard,
    They buried William beside her.
    And from his grave grew a red, red rose,
    And out of hers...a briar.

    Goodnight, don't stay up too late watching old movies.