Thursday, September 1, 2011


It seems like every single day at work, I find a new way to make myself look like a total fool. Whether it's something I say, do, or trip over, the moments never seem to cease.

I was assisting in surgery one time and I had a very runny nose (Ironically, I am allergic to cats. Great job choice, huh?) I decided to shove two cotton balls up my nose to collect my "exudate" and since I had a surgery mask on, no one would even notice! How clever am I?! The surgery progressed and we ran into some complications, therefore, needing further assistance. Dr. Boss came to our rescue to help us get the situation under control. During this short time of turmoil, I could feel one of the cotton balls coming a bit loose in the confines of my nostril. I didn't really think about it because I was so focused on our situation until I felt it fall completely out, beyond the safety of my surgery mask, and onto the floor...all the while both doctors were watching. Needless to say it was really embarassing, especially when Dr. Boss asked, "Where did THAT come from?" and looked me up and down like I was a cotton ball dispensing machine.

During our day we call up clients to check in on our patients from the recent week. Today while leaving a voicemail for a client I was caught between saying "don't ever hesitate to call us" and "feel free to call us!". It ended up coming out as, "If you have any questions, please don't feel free to call us!" Then realizing my mistake I tried to cover it up by saying, "I mean, please DO call us. If you have questions. But you can call us even if you don't have questions. But not after 6 pm because we won't be here anymore. So, in summary, please call us if you have questions or no questions." Then when I hung up I realized I didn't even leave the clinic's number.

My favorite blooper was done by Vet Tech Red Curry when she did a recall while we were in the room, this is what it sounded like:
Red Curry: "Hello, Mrs. Jones?"...Oh, I'm sorry MISTER is Mrs.? Oh yes, yes I understand."
This has happened twice now, and each time is just as funny as the last.


  1. That is hilarious! I can totally see you thinking you're so sneaky with cotton balls up your nose :) Also, I have had a lot of phone call bloopers at work too...nothing makes you feel more like a dumbass than saying something stupid on the phone and knowing your co-workers heard every word.

  2. Hi I’m Heather! Please email me when you get a chance! HeatherVonsj(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. My favourite personal one was this Christmas when I answered a call while reading our Caer Vision ticker for "Lovers of Pets" and proceeded to tell the client "Thank you for calling, how can I love you?" And then trying to recover from it, the client informed me that I had been "Hitting the Christmas Spirits early." Best moment ever!